Why won't my outboard run properly?

Outboards generally utilise a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke internal combustion spark ignition engine. Internal combustion engines operate by compressing and burning fuel and air in a combustion chamber in order to harness the heat energy released.

With this in mind it is easy to understand that if the fuel and air are not mixed correctly or not compressed properly or burned properly then this is a good start to understanding why the engine does not operate properly.

The reason an outboard engine is not operating properly can generally be put down to five basic areas. There can be more than one problem happening at the same time. There are many other items that can cause outboard running problems and the following is just an example of some.

- Operator error: The engine is good. It is the person operating the engine who is at fault

- Fuel problems: The fuel needs to be precisely metered, atomised, vaporised and burned very quickly or combustion will be poor

- Spark problems: The spark provides the heat to start combustion and must be the right amount at exactly the right time and place

- Compression problems: If compressions are poor it usually indicates a major mechanical problem has developed

- Air problems: Air is vital to combustion as it contains the oxygen needed. The air needs to get in as well as out of the engine

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